PDF Encrypter

PDF Encrypter

PDF Encrypter encrypts PDF files

PDF Encrypter is a program used to encrypt PDF files. This program is suitable for anyone who has a lot of PDF files that they need to protect.

With this program, only authorized users can access the PDF file. You can select an encryption level of either 128 or 40 bits. The program comes with a large range of user permissions.

For example, you can allow someone copy and print the file, but prevent them from modifying it. With PDF Encrypter, you can also choose to allow the user to only print the PDF at a low resolution.

With the Formill feature, you can permit people to fill in a form but forbid them from modifying it. You can also set important document information such as Subject, Keywords, Creator, Title, and Author.

With this program, you can also set the level of file compression that you want. In addition to encrypting, you can also password-protect the PDF file.

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